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As we are very strict in approving game submissions, we check every submitted game before publishing. So, please read the instructions carefully before submitting a game.

  1. You can submit a game even if a similar game is already available on our website.
  2. We no longer support uploading gif images for user games.
  3. Insert your Full Name and Email address so that we can inform you as soon as your game gets approved.
  4. Insert the name of the game. The name of every game must contain the number '2048' (For example, 2048 Cars, 2048 TV Shows, 2048 Harry Potter).
  5. You must upload 12 images. One image is for the Thumbnail image of the game, and the other 11 images are for the Tile images. Don't upload Violent or Sexual images.
  6. All the Tile images must be unique. But, you can choose any of the tile images as the Thumbnail image.
  7. To upload an image, click on the Upload button, then select an image from your PC/Mobile.
  8. After you select an image, it will be displayed on the right side of the upload box. Only the visible part of the image will be uploaded to the server. You can drag the image to reposition the visible part of the image. You can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling the mouse wheel after placing the pointer on the image.
  9. Insert the answer to the security question.
  10. Submit the game.
  11. As you submit the game, you agree to our terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policies.
  12. We reserve all the rights to update or delete the game without any prior notice.

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